Haiku Island :)

The Iron pokes and prods  
Rain hits off the window pane
Butter melts on toast
 Susan Murphy Wickens
She is a beauty
Shifting shadows and brightness
A place I call home 
 Linda O Beirne
Will we swim or fly?
Missed the ferry yet again
That sinking feeling!
 Chris Dobbyn
ladder reaches sky
through clouds across to Cape
feathers drifting down
 Bernadette Burns
Raging storm clouds hang at sea
Coats off – fire, food, warmth
 Maureen O Neill
Between hill and boat
Purple turquoise peach and gold
Venus shines above
Peggy Townsend
Empty coffee pot
Quiet! ( Haiku Evening Class)
White paper, mind buzz
 Tess Leak
Tag in a night light
No name no destination
Lost on journey home
 Donal O Connor
I am on the ground
Covered by a canopy
A lacing of trees
 Terry Farnell
Graphite skies, water
Winds lift me over the road
Reaching to nature
 Jackie O Callaghan