Haiku Island :)

The Iron pokes and prods  
Rain hits off the window pane
Butter melts on toast
 Susan Murphy Wickens

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Sherkin goes Green

Sherkin goes Green
18th November – 15th December
Waste Prevention Week
November 18th – 24th
Reducing the amount of waste we produce by re-using, repairing, composting, recycling and, most importantly, preventing waste in the first place can help to protect both our country and our planet for future generations.

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Winter afternoon
a crow blackens
the white sky
A Sherkin Island Community project inspired by Haiku poetry and incorporating art forms such as painting, beach-combing, drawing, nature, embroidery, baking etc..
The group will work together with artist Tess Leak to create a collection of winter themed Haikus with a view to displaying them around Sherkin in a variety of imaginative and surprising ways
Tess has collaborated with a songwriter, sound recordist, boat builder and with many groups in her role as an artist facilitator. She co-curated the Museum of Miniature for Skibbereen Arts Festival in 2012.

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Opportunity to work from home

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